Education Consultant, Author and Career Specialist

Catherine O'Connor

Following a career in the financial services, drama studies led to a Training and Development career where I worked in the community motivating the long term unemployed to return to study and work after recession. It was at that point that I turned my attention fully to the world of formal education, recognising its impact on lost generations of workers.

Having joined Trinity College Dublin in 1995 and following a career of 25 years there I now work as an independent education consultant, author and career specialist with the focus on equipping clients to take ownership of their own journeys in life.

Nationally recognised as a subject expert in the area of transition to higher education following the successful launch of the ‘must have’ guide for all parents and students preparing for third level.

A sought after keynote speaker at events, regular contributions to the media include; national and regional radio and television, online and print media (national and local). Currently writing for the UK and International market with McGraw Hill/Open University Press. Having served on many professional panels and published within the areas of education and technology enhanced learning, I became an early adopter of online learning.

Newly published in 2021: Grief Is' takes its readers through a journey, expressed in poetic form, to a place which finds light and hope in the heart. ISBN 9781788233293

Author of Cracking the College Code: A practical guide to making the most of the first year college experience

Producer and collator of: 50th Anniversary book of Computing in Trinity