Career Progression

Interview Skills Coaching & Career Progression

  • Haven't been for an interview for years?
  • Are you looking for a promotion or a change in direction?
  • Do you need your CV updated?
  • Are you looking for a change in career or job?
  • Are you thinking about returning to the workforce and need some help to make that transition?
  • Are you comfortable with the image you portray?

An updated CV is critical to this process and a revised version of this CV should be tailored for every job application to suit different role requirements.

Winning the interview is your challenge. You will need to be well prepared and confident in your ability to tell your story. Understanding the competency-based interview model is key to your success.

Individual consultations

€90 per hour

Consultations can be arranged during the day, in the evening or at weekends. Call 086 6017036 to discuss your needs

Anna McCarthy

Having worked in the same role for more than 16 years, I finally made the big decision to look for a change. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! I finally got back the work /life balance everyone talks about. But did I go about this....? Through Catherine of course. I hadn't been for an interview for years and now  it was all about competency-based interviews? Regardless of the area you work in, Catherine will take you through it step by step with a good sense of humour, so the preparation doesn't feel like a drag. 3 years following my career change I went for a promotion and once again Catherine delivered. If you are serious about change or promotion contact Catherine, she will help you on your path.

Anna McCarthy